Crash Course

Crash Course

 NDA, Airforce(Gr, "X", "Y")& Navy(SSR,AA)

It is a course designed for the final knock-up This course is for those students who are in their last stage of preparation and need a last moment to brush up before the ultimate fight of competition This course is suitable for Group - X and Group - Y Exams of Air Force and S S R and AA Exam of Navy 

Features of the Course : 

The course starts 25-30 Days before the particular Exam 

Only those students who can take enrollment in it who have received admit cards for the particular Exam have to submit a photocopy of their admit cards at the time of admission Classes will run 6-8 hours a day without a holiday. 


Stage - I: The first 15-20 Days of the course will be devoted to cover the syllabus concisely. The finer and technical points of the syllabus will be taught at a rapid-fire pace giving all possible inputs and tricks to solve specific problems in different subjects. Several tests will be conducted thereafter. 


Stage - II: Part Tests Series (PTS) comprises three tests that will be conducted and followed by discussion. The purpose of these tests is to Judge the degree of your preparation as well as problem areas in different parts. 


Stage - III: Practice of Previous Questions (PPQ) will be conducted to give you proper exposure to the questions actually asked in the examination. It gives a proper assessment of your preparation. Well-planned discussion classes are conducted following each PPQ test. Apart from these tests. Memory Retention Classes (MRC) will be conducted to enable you to get by heart. the most important questions which will probably be asked in the coming examination 


Stage - IV: At last. Exclusive Test Packages (ETP) are conducted The test consists Exam of questions that give you the practice of the actual examination. Admission Procedure: As mentioned earlier, only those students can get admission to it who have received their admit cards. You have to fill up the admission form and submit the photocopy of your call letter along with the payment of the requisite fee mentioned below. 

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Duration: 20 Days
Eligibility: 12th Pass
Tution Fee: 4500/-